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Cricket is the sport which is played worldwide. It is the most renowned game which is often played everywhere. The craze of cricket among people is increasing day by day. People especially young ones really love to play this game. The children start playing this game very early when they are just in their childhood. It is the most famous game among all the youngsters. Cricket has become a obsession for some people as they are extremely passionate about this game. The cricketers also play a vital role in promoting this game as the people also get influenced by the style of the cricketers and their talent of playing too. This game has unforgettable and prestigious history. Basically cricket is the game which maintains its suspense throughout the match until the game ends. The viewer cant asses or judge the results of the game before its end. It is an unpredictable game which excites the viewer to watch it.

Cricket mainly depends upon the physical and mental health of the player as it is only the player who has to carry out the game. With the passage of time cricket is also revolutionized. The new form of cricket is twenty20 or T20. In this type the original rules are used with a little modification. It is the modern kind of cricket which is amusing the people to their extent. It creates zeal and zest among the people due to its lesser time duration than other cricket types. It lasts only in three to four hours. As cricket is not our national game but the passion of the youth towards cricket makes it internationally hit as it is that game which is frequently played all over the world. Therefore we can say that cricket is the game which is the meant of enjoyment for the people of all age limits.

Sports and games play an imperative role in our physical and mental development. Beside our daily hectic routines, we all need some physical activity to be strong and healthy. For this, some people accomplish several exercises. But doing sports is something more than to carry out exercise. As by doing hard and strenuous exercise we become tired very soon and find no excitement in performing it. But in sports, there is no chance of getting bored. Sports increase our spirits, excitement, anticipation, thrill and exhilaration.

As in any sport the end is unpredictable. There are many interesting games now days like foot ball, cricket, tennis, basket ball, badminton and many more. We can select any one according to our curiosity. All these games are related to our physical health. There are many other games like chess, which enhances our mental capacity. We should avoid indoor games mostly and try to play out door ones.

By playing different games our stamina increases, along with our muscles become sturdy and tough. Cricket is a game which is famous around the globe. People really love to play it in their leisure time.

There are numerous sport clubs situated in every town. People specially, the young ones join these clubs. Some of them also adopt that particular sport as their profession.  On the other hand, some of us take it just as a time pass. So, we should try to play as much as possible games to make ourselves stalwart and heftily muscular. This will not only craft us healthy but also help us to gain knowledge of moral and ethical values. The danger occurring to our health is lessening while with healthy body it is easy to resist against diseases. Living a lifestyle in this modern age does not allow us to join regular sports rather the division to time is itself a problem to manage. Heavy working loads of educational courses and preoccupation with certain T.V programme does not allow us to move to a play ground. So, a wise decision of joining sports can save us from a number of diseases.

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