The Most Popular Sports in the World

There are about 8,000 listed sports. These consist basically of a mixture of physical and mental activities – some of which are not really that popular among people. So it is understandable status. They contest of their status as sport and pose. Wikipedia has tight it down to 500 but this list remains to be debatable. Regardless though, there are competitive games that have won the hearts of different nationalities and continuously celebrated worldwide. These sports are able to gather crowds and lift spirits, thereby, making them the most popular sports in the world.


  1. Volleyball. According to statistics, there are about 998 million volleyball participants in the world (not necessarily professional players) and about 218 affiliated national federations.It is the national sport of Sri Lanka and played in all
  2. Basketball. This leading sport has 400 million practitioners and 211 associated national federations. It is also one of the most popular, with NBA (or the National Basketball Association) as the most popular and successful league in the
  3. Baseball. It is the national sport of the United States and a well-known activity among Asian and European countries. With about 60 million Candidate, 117 member nations and 110 affiliated national federations, baseball may be one of the most profitable sporting ventures to date.foot ball
  4. Football. It’s originally a European sport and now football is also U.S. bred activity. It has about 2 million followers and 97 affiliated national federations. It is not really that heavy practiced in the East except for Japan. But in the United States, it has rose to become on of the most watched sporting events of the year. In support, the National Football League creates $6.2 billion annually for their season.finally soccer
  5. Finally soccer. This sport has over 242 million Practice and 204 associated federations. It is playing 208 member nations in 93 countries. Europe houses the biggest fans of this sport and during the FIFA World Cup, there were about 26 billion people watching it.

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