Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World ||top 10 most popular sports

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World ||top 10 most popular sports
American Football
With a fan following of 400 million, American football ties with basketball in terms of popularity. The games, basketball, and American football have their origin from the USA and are very much common in the region than in any other continent. The most popular league of American football is NFL that is played in the USA. The game overall generates a revenue of $10 billion annually.

The United States is known as the home of basketball. With a fan following of 400 million, basketball is the 9th most followed sport in the world. There was a time when the game was restricted only to it’s home country. But at the moment, it’s popularity is increasing with a high rate and it might become one of the most popular sports by the next decade. As far it’s

Golf is considered a game for the riches. And no surprises that it has the largest professional prospect in the developed countries like Japan, USA, United Kingdom, South Africa and Korea. Although golf is the 8th most popular sports in the world, but it has the most revenue generation and big prize money to the players. A player with the abilities like that of Tiger woods could easily become the richest athlete on the planet. Golf has a following of 450 million fans around the globe.

A majority of the people around the world might not have held the baseball bat in their entire life, but in the countries like Japan and USA, baseball is enjoyed even on the street level. People of those regions are passionate about this sport and many opt to pursue a career in baseball since childhood. Both Japan and the USA have the biggest leagues in the world naming Nippon league and MLB respectively.

Table Tennis
Table Tennis is a game with not much professional platforms for the showcase of talent, but as a hobby, no sport comes near this indoor excitement that is widely played around the world. But when it comes to playing the game on a professional level, it is restricted to the countries like Indonesia, China, and Malaysia and, to some extent, India. It has an estimated fan following of 850 million.

You might not have expected it, but on the 5th spot is Volleyball. Volleyball is a simple game and this is the reason for it’s popularity. It is most popular in the developing regions of the world such as Turkey, Korea, Poland, Brazil, Italy, France, and many other European and African countries. In Asia, the game restricts to the countries like China and Japan. With 900 million global following and over 200 national federations registered, Volleyball is the 5th most popular sports and has the most registered federations than any other sport

With 1 billion fans from all around the globe, tennis is the 4th most followed sport. The previous 3 were all team games, whereas tennis is the first individual game in the list. The largest competitions of the tennis are the 4 grand slams. The unique thing about tennis is that there is gender equality.

Field Hockey
With a fan following of 2 billion people, a majority from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, hockey secures the 3rd spot in our list of top 10 most popular sports in the world. Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan and is most popular in the South Asian region that includes countries like India, Pakistan, China, and Malaysia. A decade ago, it was widely played in Pakistan and India but has fallen from the grace as there aren’t any significant opportunities left on the professional level as much as in other games like football and cricket.

There is no dispute about which is the most popular sport in the world. It is definitely soccer and everyone agrees. But there are some disputes regarding the second place and according to our list, it is cricket. The game has a fan following of 2.5 billion people around the globe. There are a number of regions where people are even unaware of the existence of cricket. Australia, South Asia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom are the places where cricket is the most played, both on street level and professional level.

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular and watched game on the globe is football or soccer. With a following of almost 4 billion fans from every continent, the sport remains at the top with no other game coming close to it. Europe is the main hub of football where the game is played at the most competitive level. The biggest competition in the club football is the UEFA Champions League in which Europe’s elite clubs compete for the silverware and loads of cash. A total of $1.5 Billion is given away in the competition to all the participating teams which is the highest prize money for a competition in all sports.

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